WhatsApp Auto Download Turn off

While smartphones used in our country are not experiencing any significant problems when communicating over wifi, many people face a considerable number of billing figures when they use mobile internet. It is a known fact that the mobile internet, which is quite expensive, is done in a very short time when video and image sharing enters into communication programs such as WhatsApp. If you do not want to experience automatic file downloading problem in this regard, definitely try our applications.

How to Turn Off Auto File Download Feature for iPhone

The mobile quota can be switched off in a very short period of time, because when the WhatsApp users are communicating with each other, when the other party sends you several videos over wifi, the automatic download feature will be activated. Mobile phones capable of recording in a rather large size can now record even 10 minutes of video in a few gigabytes. The sum of the videos and pictures that have been sent, even by breaking down WhatsApp, sometimes reaches the level at which the internet quota ends up. Many users who are experiencing this issue are trying to disable the automatic file download feature in WhatsApp. The first thing to do for this is to follow the correct guidelines for the operating system. iPhone users need to activate the settings and data usage option. Mobile phone owners using the Windows operating system will also be able to disable automatic downloading by setting, chatting and calling, changing the automatic download tab of the media to “never”.

Auto Download Turn Off for Android Phones

You need to activate WhatsApp’s settings and data usage option so that you can do automatic downloading and shutting down on the most commonly used operating systems, Android phones. Once the data usage option is activated, you should examine the three different preferences in the pop-up menu. These include options when using mobile data, connecting to WiFi, roaming. If you click on these options, anti-virus file formats will be displayed. You need to click on the photos, audio, videos, documents that you do not want them to download from your preferences. As a result of these actions, your preferences will automatically start downloading only when connected to Wifi, or manual download will be performed after you are asked in all download formats.